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Civil Services Exam - The MYTH

Now you are one among those lakhs of civil service aspirants preparing for one of the toughest exams of the world namely the CIVIL SERVICES EXAM competing for about a thousand vacancies every year. And the toughest job among all others is to deal with your relatives and friends who goof up your preparations.

The most frequent and common words / advices you come across are

1. He is preparing for the civil services.. So GREAT..
2.You should spend all your time surrounded by a mountain of books  to clear the exams.
3.Friends asking you questions on whatever that comes to their mind as you are preparing for the exams.
4.You should forget everything else in this world(chat, mobile phone, facebook and above all outing with your (girl/boy)friends to clear the exams. 
and above all the worst thing(i have come across all these)
1."Go for some thing else as the rate of success is very low"
2."Dont waste your precious time saying you are preparing for the exams. Go get some other job as a bird in hand is worth two in the bush"

So the ultimate question that arises in your mind right now is
1. " Is the civil service exam that much difficult?
2. "Will I be able to clear that?"
3. "What should I do to clear the exam?"

and the greatest myth that surrounds you is


but facts will show you that it is not so

So what do you need to to clear the exam.

All that you need is an investment of Rs.100 + Rs 200 in the form of exam fees for the preliminary and the main exam (that too if you belong to OC and OBC category only)

You have the investment now. What are you going to do with an investment alone. You need a strategy for success. from where can I get this strategy. Well there are a numerous institutes where I can enroll and get the strategy. If you are thinking like that then we feel pity for you. You are your master. You should evolve your own strategy for the exam as you are unique and no one can understand your needs better than you.

You have your investments, your strategy for preparation and what else you need? The answer is patience. The exam is a long process first the prelims, then the mains and finally the personality test exhausting you throughout an entire year. Wait I have cleared the prelims, then the uphill task of clearing mains exam and even attended the PT. Its time for me to relax. If you think so, beware the the next year's exam is round the corner and the cycle continues until you realize your dream.

Uh..Oh..I forgot to mention the most important thing...
Then who are your opponents in the exam?
More than 4 lakh so called aspirants aply for the exam.. Yes a whooping 4-5 lakhs..

Do they all really want to pursue a career in civil services?
The investment is just 100 rupees. So I appplied..
My friend applied. So I applied.
I saw the advertisement so I applied.

These will be the answers from most of the applicants as you can see it from the number of aspirants attending the exam. Only 50% that is 5 to 6 lakh aspirants attend the exam.

So I need to compete with 2.5 lakh aspirants?
Not really. Of them, most of the aspirants would not have prepared. So who is your real opponent. Very few about 40 to 50 thousand well prepared aspirants. of these 80% would be on their attempt number 2 or more. 10% would be on their last attempt and the remaining on their first attempt.

How many will make it to the mains?
Around 12000 to 13000 will make it to the main exam.

How many will make it to  the PT?
May be around 2500 to 3500.

How may will be victorious and make it into the services?
One third of those who were called to the PT. Recent trends show the number of vacancies filled as around .

Finally let us summarize. So out of 50 true aspirants we can say 1 gets selected and are you that one?


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admin on Sunday, 19 June 2016 18:22

Nice article

Nice article
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